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SOLD! Congratulations to Mira's new owners!


One of Our Best Producers!  •  Merlin's Personal Riding Horse

Mira is a treasured daughter of the late stallion BEY TSHAH MAJIK (Ivanhoe Tsultan x Bey Sharina by Bey Shah+). With limited showing, Bey Tshah Majik was a Multi Champion, having beaten stallions that went on to win National Honors. He was known for siring consistency in his foals - bodies, legs and necks were improved without totally eliminating the look of the dam. He added size and uprightness, lengthened necks and legs, smoothed out bodies and strengthened hips. Bey Tshah Majik is the perfect blend of three sire lines. He inherited the mind and ability of a performance horse as well as the long, exotic neck and “smooth elegance” from the legendary stallion Ivanhoe Tsultan, one of the first to sire over 100 Champions with National Winners in Halter and EVERY Major Performance Division, including Dressage and Racing! Charisma, size & balance are some of the gifts bestowed upon him from Bey Shah+, a leading international sire of champions who changed the history of the Arabian breed! Good temperament, solid structure, excellent hip and coupling shine through from the leading Spanish broodmare sire, *Barich De Washoe, as well as beauty through Majik’s tail-female line. Mira inherited her sire's extraordinary style and presence, and passes the attributes listed above on to her foals - whether purebred or Half Arabian..


Mira's dam LL LAVENDARNLACE was sired by the US and Canadian Top Ten Multi-National Champion Stallion Lamolin+, who in addition to being a halter champion was also shown in both Western Pleasure and English Pleasure.


Mira has proven herself to be an exceptional producer! Her first three foals were sired by the cremello AQHA stallion Ghost Ryder Majik, producing two spectacular buckskins and one golden palomino Half Arabian foal. She created such beautiful Half Arabian foals, she didn't have the opportunity to produce a purebred foal until baby #4. She did NOT disappoint! Mira's purebred filly (sired by Top Ten US National Champion Stallion Majik of Marwan) was one of the best foals ever born at Majik Arabians.


When she isn't producing exceptional foals, Mira is the riding horse of choice for Merlin Hochstetler - 6'2" tall owner of Majik Arabians. Mira and Merlin have had many riding adventures both in the Montana wilderness and on Montana ranches.

Mira's Foals


Ghost Ryder Majik x SM Majik Mirror

2011 Buckskin Half Arabian Mare



Ghost Ryder Majik x SM Majik Mirror

2012 Buckskin Half Arabian Mare



Ghost Ryder Majik x SM Majik Mirror

2014 Palomino Half Arabian Gelding



Majik of Marwan x SM Majik Mirror

2016 Bay Filly

April 26, 2016 - August 25, 2016


Desperados Majik x SM Majik Mirror

2017 Chestnut Arabian Stallion


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SM Majik Mirror

Sire: Bey Tshah Majik (Ivanhoe Tsultan x Bey Sharina by Bey Shah+)

Dam: LL LavendarNLace (Lamolin+ x Marrionette by An Marretto)

1998 Bay Arabian Mare

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