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Arabians and Half Arabians For Sale

Divine Majik
Offered at $25,000

2020 Black Arabian Filly • 14.2 hands (barefoot) at 2 years old

Makeba x Majik on Broadway

Dressage/Sporthorse par excellence! Tall, leggy, and bold puts Dressage, Jumping, or any Sporthorse class, including Sporthorse Halter in her future. Will have excellent substance, balanced body with about as close to perfect legs as possible. She has a cadenced, elastic, long stride. She is confident but not bossy, quiet but not lazy.

Majik Treasure
Offered at $15,000 - SOLD! Congratulations to Treasure's new owners!

2018 Black Arabian Mare • 14.3 hands barefoot

Makeba x Black Majik Lace

I have bred over 100 Arabians. Many with the 'live in your tent' disposition because that has been a main focus in our breeding program.  However, Treasure is...well truly a treasure.  She is the closest thing to a dog in a horse body that I have ever bred.  She will follow you all day just to have the opportunity to be with you.  She is kind and loving.  But she is not a deadhead.  She loves to do things.  Due to her extremely affectionate nature I do not want her to go to a large barn where she will be one of many.  However, she is too nice not to be shown.  She would make a great Sporthorse.  She has that VERY rare uphill build which helps her drive and reach under herself.  She has class and flash in the way she carries herself.  Rarely do you get both the extreme puppy dog personality and the flash in the same package.  Oh, and of course this unique package is wrapped in the rare non-fading black satin coat.  This is a 'once in a lifetime heart horse' and she needs an owner worthy of that.

Majik Jewel
Offered at $15,000 - SOLD! Congratulations to Jewel's new owner!

2015 Black Arabian Mare • 15 hands barefoot

MR Legacys Jeuel x Majik on Broadway

Jewel has size and substance making her a capable mount for man or woman.  She has been ridden in the Sapphire Mountain Range and the Bitterroot Mountain Range crossing creeks and bridges with a calm confidence from the very beginning.  She has a nice flat footed walk on the trail and will move out when asked but is not one of those horses that is always trying to speed up.  For the show ring she is of the western style and build.  With her quiet confidence she could excel in the wildly popular Working Western Horse or Western Dressage classes, as well as your standard Trail Class.  And I can assure you, you will not go unnoticed on this big, black beauty.

Majik Enchantress
Offered at $15,000 - SOLD! Congratulations to Tansy's new owners!

2013 Bay Arabian Mare

Bey Tshah Majik x GC Forever Blest

The last of the Bey Tshah Majik daughters available, this beauty does us proud! She is all that we strived for, giving you size, substance, balance, and good bone all with a beautiful elegance that is surprising on such good structure. She has also been ridden in the Rocky Mountains in such a calm way that a client's first ride in the mountains was joyful and not frightening as they had anticipated. Her first foal from a lease was retained for personal use because they loved her personality so much. This mare can do, be, and produce ANYTHING you want her to with the stallion of your choice.

Majik Gold Mine
Offered at $20,000 - SOLD! Congratulations to Trigger's new owner!

2014 Palomino Half Arabian Gelding • 15.2 1/2 hands barefoot

Ghost Ryder Majik x SM Majik Mirror

Our real life "Trigger," this handsome gelding has size, substance, and beauty! Trigger has been ridden around the ranch and taken into the Bitterroot Mountains. His Arabian dam was the personal riding horse of 6'2" Merlin for many years prior to her retirement and was the best ranch and trail horse on the farm! Her son Trigger has many of the same qualities. Trigger's Champion-bred Quarter horse sire enhanced these great qualities and added the touch of gold! Not an easy one for us to let go - which is why he may not remain on this list for long.

Majik on Broadway
SOLD! Congratulations to Mara's new owners!

2000 Black Arabian Mare • 15 hands barefoot

Off Broadway x SBA Lafona

Mara is an exceptionally correct non-fading black Arabian mare with huge, dark liquid eyes. She has been an OUTSTANDING producer of quality and consistency!! Offered only because she should be bred and we are scaling way back on breeding as we near retirement (and we are retaining a daughter).



As we approach retirement, we have decided to offer some of our most treasured horses for sale.

We have turned down many offers to breed lease our mares as we are winding down on breeding and have decided to put them on our sales list. 

Let your dreams become a reality, let the 'Majik' of our horses inspire you.

Take the time to find your new friend and partner… for the show ring or for life!

Our horses are all handled daily with kind, natural horsemanship methods and receive the best of care. They do not have vices or issues, and have age-appropriate training to ensure each of them every success in their future. With rare exception all our horses are pictured in pasture condition. Most of the time, the only prep work done prior to photos being taken is basic grooming and sometimes baby oil around the eyes and muzzle. Our horses have natural beauty that we do not want to inhibit with excessive clipping or 'makeup.'

Sale horses are offered in the following price categories, noted on each horse's description below by the number of asterisks:

* = up to $5,500

** = $5,500 - $10,500

*** = $11,000 - $25,000

**** = more than $25,000

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