2014 Grey Arabian Gelding

Sire: LC Psulybration (Padrons Psyche x WC Tsassi Rose by Tsulybration)
Dam: Eljomar Bufa (Gallant Fashion x EJM Hal Playmate by Hal Gazal)


Congratulations to Rogue's new owner! 


2018 Buckskin Half Arabian Gelding

Sire: Ghost Ryder Majik (Mach Dude in Command x Currys Ashley Fox by Two Fox Rookie)
Dam: Majik on Broadway (Off Broadway x SBA Lafona by LM Raffon Two)

Congratulations to Gunsmoke's new owner! 


2013 Bay Arabian Stallion

Sire: Bey Tshah Majik (Ivanhoe Tsultan x Bey Sharina by Bey Shah+)

Dam: EV Annie Oakley (Desperado V x Bey Sharina by Bey Shah+)

Congratulations to Cowboy's new owner - Ashlee McMullin of Texas! 


2014 Chestnut Arabian Mare

Sire: Majik of Marwan (*Marwan Al Shaqab x Lily Marlaina by Thee Infidel)

Dam: Ravenwood Forever (Qahtahn x Ravenwood Rabha by RG Al Mone)

Congratulations to Fresca's new owner - Belle Cheval of Virginia! 


1999 Bay Arabian Mare

Sire: Starof Fame V+/ (Fame VF x Sweet Illusion V by Huckleberry Bey++)

Dam: Bey Sharina (Bey Shah+ x Harina by *Barich de Washoe)

Congratulations to Fame Miss' new owner! 


2001 Bay Arabian Mare

Sire: *Lumiar Amadeus (*RSD Dark Victory x *C A Sarina by *Sabal)

Dam: JJ Sharleyna (ZT Sharello x DBL Z Perlayna by Arn-ett Perlane+)

Congratulations to Melissa Maser - who now owns both Giselle and her son Random Majik (by Majik of Marwan)!


2004 Chestnut Arabian Mare

Sire: Bey Tshah Majik (Ivanhoe Tsultan x Bey Sharina by Bey Shah+)

Dam: Majik Barissa (*Barich de Washoe x *SZED Escondida by Galeon)

Congratulations to Bella's new owner - Donnica Gensemer of Montana! 

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Sold Horses

Congratulations on the purchase of your Majik Arabian!

The following horses - whether bred and raised here at Majik Arabians or if our hearts were blessed by them gracing our pastures for only a portion of their lives - have been sold and are now making 'Majik' for their new owners all around the world. 

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