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Foundation Mares

With rare exception, our mares are each the result of our own breeding program and can be traced to our original foundation mares. In order for a mare to become a foundation mare for our program, they have to be an outstanding individual structurally, with a kind, willing disposition, tractability, and possess athletic talent. They have to not only out-produce themselves, but do it consistently - and their produce must to do the same. If a mare is able to fulfill all our qualifications, they may be selected as one of the few select foundation mares of our program.


Thus it is with great pleasure we introduce to you the chosen few whom we felt possessed all the qualities necessary to be part of the elite group of Majik Arabian's foundation mares.


Bey Sharina

Sire: Bey Shah+ (Bay El Bey++ x Star of Ofir by *Bask++)

Dam: Harina (*Barich De Washoe x Flying-C Umfolosi by El Glaoui)

1985 Chestnut Arabian Mare


Sharina was the first born daughter of another of our foundation mares, HARINA (*Barich De Washoe x Flying-C Umfolosi) and has continued her dam's legacy through her son BEY TSHAH MAJIK by Ivanhoe Tsultan and two daughters EV ANNIE OAKLEY by Desperado V and FAME MISS MAJIK by Starof Fame V+/. Annie has produced for us BERRY MAJIK by Magnum Majik, MAJIK MINX by Majik of Marwan, who was sold / exported to Kuwait, and the buckskin half Arabian MAJIK SASPARILLA by Ghost Ryder Majik. FameMiss produced the buckskin half Arabian mare MY MAJIK DREAM by Ghost Ryder Majik, TWO TIME Top Ten Scottsdale Champion Stallion MARC OF MAJIK by *QR Marc. Marc's daughter MAJIK MARCQESSA (out of Precoshahs Majik) also represents Sharina's line at Majik Arabians. Sharina's granddaughter SM MAJIK MIRROR by Bey Tshah Majik has followed in her footsteps as a producer of exceptional quality. Sharina's granddaughter MAJIK ENCHANTRESS by Bey Tshah Majik produced an elegant filly by Major Mac V in 2018. This line is known for its size, substance, athleticism, and balance - traits that carry on through each successive generation.


SBA Lafona

Sire: LM Raffon Two (Dreamon x Gamar Mirage by Raffon++)

Dam: WFBA Ebony Lace (Royal Tarlor x PRI Sawad Allayl by El Reata Juan) 

1984 Black Arabian Mare


While we have never been a color breeder we could not deny the quality in our foundation mare Lafona. She was not only extremely kind and sweet in disposition but had one of the best rear-ends we have seen on any horse, much less one of black color. She had size and motion that she passed on to her foals - in addition to her non-fading "blue-black" coloring. Lafona's line remains prominent here at Majik Arabians through her son MAJIK JEDI by Starof Fame V+/ (co-owned with 3-Star Parelli instructor Dan Thompson), daughters EBONY MAJIK by Starof Fame V+/ and MAJIK ON BROADWAY by Off Broadway, granddaughters BLACK MAJIK LACE (Bey Shahar WA x Ebony Majik), MAJIK JOY (Mr Legacys Jeuel x Ebony Majik), MAJIK JEWEL (Mr Legacys Jeuel x Majik on Broadway), grandson MAJIK GUNSMOKE (Ghost Ryder Majik x Majik on Broadway), and great-granddaughter MAJIK TREASURE (Makeba x Black Majik Lace).


Jasar Princes

Sire: TheEgyptianPrince (*Morafic x *Bint Mona by Nazeer)

Dam: Beaus Juhli (Comar Bay Beau+++ x Princess Heidi by Hi-Fad++)

1979 Grey Arabian Mare 

(Tsymply Majik pictured at left)

Jasar was an exquisitely beautiful Egyptian Related mare. She was a trustworthy mount and a loving mother. Jasar left us with two daughters - full sisters TSYMPLY MAJIK (Tsima) and MAJIKS ROSE by Bey Tshah Majik - that are equally as stunning as she was. Tsima produced for us the Twice Scottsdale Top Ten Filly PRACTICAL MAJIK by Majik of Marwan, who was sold / exported to the Royal Palace of Qatar. Rose produced for us EXQUISITE MAJIK (Emma) by Bey Tshah Majik, co-owned with Shannon & Skye Edney. Emma produced the most beautiful half Arabian buckskin colt - MAJIK ROMEO by Ghost Ryder Majik. This line is known for its spell-binding beauty, incredible sweetness, and overall smoothness of structure. 


Catalina Princess

Sire: Sahara Prince (The Real McCoy x Sahara Queen by Ferseyn)

Dam: Skierre (Pierre of Aldechar x Skiloj by Niloj)

1973 Grey Arabian Mare

Lena was our first “quality” mare and one that will forever hold a precious place in our hearts. She produced many incredible colts and fillies over the years. Her line is represented in our program through her daughter BALLAD OF MAJIK by Ballad V (now owned by Connie Vail), her granddaughter INFINITE MAJIK by Thee Infidel, and through foals sired by her grandson MAGNUM MAJIK (Ballad of Majik x Magnum Psyche - now owned by Rebecca Allen) – including BERRY MAJIK (Magnum Majik x EV Annie Oakley), SNOWFIRE MAJIK (Magnum Majik x CMR Margo), and ELEGANT MAJIK (Magnum Majik x KM Masi Gaziya – EXPORTED, now owned by Shaikh Jaber Al Sabah, member of the royal family of Kuwait). This line is known for their incredibly willing temperament, solid structure and athletic ability.


KM Masi Gaziya

Sire: EDR El Vencedor (*Vendavales x *SZ Jarilla by Figuroso)

Dam: Scherizma (The Boss x Ghaseyn by Cavalier)

1986 Grey Arabian Mare

Masi was our full-bodied half Spanish beauty. She was full of presence and exuded class. Masi passed her best qualities on to her daughters PRECOSHAHS MAJIK by Bey Tshah Majik and ELEGANT MAJIK by Magnum Majik - EXPORTED, now owned by Shaikh Jaber Al Sabah, member of the royal family of Kuwait. Chisled faces, short tippy ears and classic elegance are hallmarks of this line. Masi's granddaughter MAJIK MARCQESSA (Marc of Majik x Precoshahs Majik) takes the stunning allure of this line to yet an even higher level! Qessa produced an exceptionally stunning black filly by Major Mac V in 2018, yet another example of the potency of this line.

SBA Lafona
Jasar Princes
Catalina Princess
KM Masi Gaziya
Bey Sharina
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