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June 11, 1989 - June 8, 2015


15.3 Hands (barefoot)

Sweepstakes Nominated Sire

2005 Scottsdale Top Ten Halter Stallion

Bey Tshah Majik is the perfect blend of three sire lines. He inherited the mind & ability of a performance horse as well as the long, exotic neck and “smooth elegance” from the legendary stallion IVANHOE TSULTAN, one of the first to sire over 100 Champions with National Winners in Halter and EVERY Major Performance Division, including Dressage and Racing! Charisma, size & balance are some of the gifts bestowed upon him from BEY SHAH+, a LEADING INTERNATIONAL SIRE OF CHAMPIONS who changed the history of the Arabian breed! Good temperament, solid structure, excellent hip & coupling shine through from the LEADING SPANISH BROODMARE SIRE, *BARICH DE WASHOE, as well as beauty through Majik’s tail-female line. Best of all, HE PASSES IT ON!


Bey Tshah Majik is a Multi Champion, having beaten stallions that went on to win National Honors! The promise of his young foals is in turn being proven whenever they are shown. Consistency is the key word. Bodies, legs & necks are improved without totally eliminating the look of the dam. He is adding size & uprightness, lengthening necks & legs, smoothing out bodies & strengthening hips. Half-Arabs and purebreds alike inherit his extraordinary style and presence. Bey Tshah Majik is definitely producing BOTH Halter AND Performance CHAMPIONS. Over 90% of his get shown are champions!​


ANNOUNCEMENT: It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of our senior stallion BEY TSHAH MAJIK (Ivanhoe Tsultan x Bey Sharina by Bey Shah+). For us, Majik was the horse of a lifetime. He was a member of our family, born here on our ranch where he lived a long, happy life surrounded by his sons, daughters, and their sons and daughters. He was larger than life - his presence was undeniable, his stature truly regal - he was the undisputed king of Majik Arabians! 


I still remember when our beloved mare Bey Sharina (Bey Shah+ x Harina by *Barich de Washoe) went to Crockett, Texas to be bred to Ivanhoe Tsultan. We had initially hoped for a filly, but when Sharina presented us with a magnificent, extremely beautiful colt we couldn't be anything but thrilled! His star quality was immediately evident, and as he matured he only continued to become more precious to us. Unfortunately my health prevented Majik from being used, promoted, and shown to his full potential. However, in his 25 years he sired 59 purebred and 11 half Arabian foals (THANK YOU to all those who chose Bey Tshah Majik for your mares!). Over 90% of his get shown are champions, with National and Regional honors amongst them. Majik was a Scottsdale Top Ten Halter Stallion and during his limited time in the ring, was Champion over stallions that went on to win National honors.


Since Majik's passing we have, quite frankly, felt a little lost. He was not only a great stallion and sire, but also a true friend. Bey Tshah Majik built a breeding program and a name for Majik Arabians. His legacy lives on through his daughters - who have become coveted broodmares as they consistently pass on their amazing hip, long upright neck, clean strong legs, and the most amazingly kind and tractable dispositions. One of Majik's last foals is the result of breeding him to his maternal sibling EV Annie Oakley (by Desperado V) - as they are each not only outstanding as individuals but have both produced Regional and National Champions. The resulting colt was born with a seeming greatness, just as his sire had. He has been our hidden gem until now, as I tend to geld all my colts at age 2 when the hormones start kicking in - but my husband Merlin was not willing to take any chances with this one! We are finally ready to formally introduce this colt - now a young stallion - to the world... We are pleased to share with you Bey Tshah Majik's heir apparent - DESPERADOS MAJIK!

Bey Tshah Majik

Bey Tshah Majik - sire of versatility

The offspring of BEY TSHAH MAJIK have earned award points in the following sections from AHA Recognized Shows:


  • Arabian Mare Breeding Section

  • Arabian Gelding In-Hand Section

  • Arabian Country English Pleasure Section

  • Arabian Western Pleasure Section

  • Arabian Hunter Pleasure Section

  • Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle Section

  • Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Gelding In-Hand Section

  • Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Western Pleasure Section

  • Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Working Cow Horse Section

  • Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Hunter Pleasure Section

  • Arabian/Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Dressage Training Level Section

A Sampling of Bey Tshah Majik Foals

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Bey Tshah Majik

Sire: Ivanhoe Tsultan (Ivanhoe Tsatan x Hillcrests Bint Imaraff by Imaraff)

Dam: Bey Sharina (Bey Shah+ x Harina by *Barich De Washoe)

1989 Chestnut Arabian Stallion

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