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Desperados Majik - our homebred Cowboy

Majik Arabians is proud of every foal we have produced, but every once in awhile there will be one that stands above the rest.

DESPERADOS MAJIK (Bey Tshah Majik x EV Annie Oakley by Desperado V), aka "Cowboy" was foaled in 2013, among a truly standout foal crop. As a foal and weanling, he romped the pastures with his fellow foal-mates: paternal sisters Majik Enchantress (x GC Forever Blest) and Exquisite Majik (x Majiks Rose), his niece Majik Marcqessa (Marc of Majik x Precoshahs Majik), and his playmate Forever Majik (Majik of Marwan x Ravenwood Forever). This group of foals collectively represents one of the best foal crops in the history of Majik Arabians program - so to say that Cowboy was a standout among them really says a lot.

At Majik Arabians we have gelded nearly every colt we have bred. Not because we haven't bred colts that are stallion quality, but because we know there are an abundance of stallions available to mare owners and that most stallions could live a much happier life as a gelding. However, with every passing day as he was maturing, we saw more and more reason to allow Cowboy to remain in-tact (no colt at Majik Arabians is ever guaranteed that right - they have to constantly earn it and consistently prove they are worthy of maintaining it). In addition to his beautiful, correct and balanced structure, clean straight legs and well-shaped, large hooves, Cowboy possesses one of the kindest, most willing and easy-going temperaments of any horse on the ranch. He is extremely athletic with so much willingness to please.

Visually, Cowboy is a throwback to his two grandsires Ivanhoe Tsultan and Desperado V. Cowboy has the facial structure of Tsultan - huge, well-defined and protruding eye cages, incredibly wide-set eyes set low on his face. Cowboy has Desperado V's abundance of thick, naturally wavy mane and tail, flared nostrils and arched neckset. Cowboy inherited his sire Bey Tshah Majik's deep shoulder and long, full hip. Cowboy has his dam EV Annie Oakley's amazingly sweet temperament.

As we are scaling back on our breeding and nearly every mare on our ranch is closely related to him, in 2018 we decided to offer Desperados Majik for sale. We were willing to wait for just the right person to express interest as we were not going to let him go to just anyone. We didn't have to wait long - as within days of us listing Cowboy, we were contacted by an amazing woman who had fallen for Cowboy. She and the incredible home and life she planned for Cowboy are everything and more that we could have dreamed for him!

Here is a video Cowboy being ridden by his owner, Ashlee McMullin of Texas. What an incredible duo they are! We have missed Cowboy over the past year, but receiving updates like this are what make it all worthwhile!!


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