Mare Lease Program


Dreaming of breeding your own foal? Consider leasing one of our lovely broodmares and ... make your own 'Majik.' Majik Arabians offers many of our top quality mares for breeding lease**.


This is a fantastic opportunity to breed and own a foal out of a quality mare without having the expense of purchasing the mare.


  1. You select a mare from our list of mares available for breeding lease.

  2. You select either a stallion owned by Majik Arabians or an outside stallion for the mare to be bred to. Majik Arabians must approve of the selected stallion as being a good candidate to cross with the mare. If Majik Arabians does not feel the stallion and mare are a good cross, we are happy to make recommendations as to other stallions that may be more suitable in helping you obtain your breeding goals.

  3. The mare is bred to the selected stallion.

  4. Until the last month of her pregnancy, the mare will remain living in our lush pastures and given top quality vitamin / mineral / supplements individually twice a day, along with the appropriate amount of grain needed for her weight / pregnancy maintenance. She will also have free-choice access to a mixture of Himalayan salt and minerals that are specifically for broodmares.

  5. When nearing her due date and for a period of time after your foal is born, the mare will come in at night to a stall with a partially-covered, private run.

  6. When your foal is a week old, the mare and foal will go out to pasture during the day and be brought in to the stall / run at night. We have found a routine of this early in their lives gives the youngster a great foundation. They get to run and play with their pasture-mates, building strong bones and developing muscle. They learn socialization and handling skills by coming in at night and during inclement weather. The foals are handled regularly and learn the confines of a stall in case their future includes showing or stalling.

  7. Once your foal is fully weaned, you will arrange for your foal to be picked up / hauled to its new home.



The cost to lease a Majik broodmare is very reasonable as it is essentially a care-lease.


Breeding Lease Fee for 2019/2020 Season: $4,000

Lease fee can be paid in monthly installments over the term of the lease.

EXAMPLE: $4,000 paid over 16 months (1 month for breeding, 11 months while mare is in foal, first 4 months after foal is born) = $250 / month

What the lease fee includes:

  • board for the mare during pregnancy and while foal is at-side

  • farrier, vaccinations and worming for the mare while in foal and while foal is at-side

  • handling of mare for vetting, teasing, breeding, and foaling

  • 4 months board for the foal

  • professional photos of your foal (includes 5 digital files - additional images / video can be purchased separately) by our farm photographer, Shannon Edney (


What IS NOT included in the lease fee: 

  • all costs relating to the stud fee and breeding (stud fee, collection fee(s), shipping fee(s), veterinary costs, any costs involved in getting the mare in foal, etc.)

  • pregnancy expenses (veterinary costs, etc.)

  • foal-related expenses once the foal is born (veterinary fees, farrier fees, vaccinations / health certificate / brand inspection, and board for the foal after 4 months of age)

  • cost to have your foal shipped home after weaning

  • full-mortality insurance on the mare, with Majik Arabians listed as the first loss-payee for the value of the mare (you can opt to insure the mare for a higher value in order to cover your lease costs) 

**Mare to remain at Majik Arabians for the duration of the lease.

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