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Berry has been LEASED for 2021/22


Rare bay roan

A true story about our 'horse of a different color'. . .


​I walk out on the east deck, coffee in hand, to admire the dazzling display of sunrise as it breaks over the Sapphire Mountains. The ethereal beauty of the morning always holds me in awe here in my little valley. “I'm releasing the hounds” I warn the mares grazing near my door. They now barely flick an ear as the two dogs go flying off the porch for their morning relief.


I sip my coffee, admiring each broodmares' sleek conformation and beauty even in repose while grazing. Black, white, bay and chestnut – my eye roves over each one. Rabicano Roan? Where is Berry, my ‘horse of a different color’? I look around and come up a horse short. Frantic neighing reaches my ears and I turn to look down at the barn. Five year old Berry is pressed against the fence facing the barn instead of here, grazing with the others. I know something is wrong. A newly weaned foal is standing in her run crying for her mother. Apparently a mix up with the new barn help has put her dam out to graze with friends instead of the weaning foals.


Berry, who has never had a foal is quite distressed at the foal's unhappiness. She is standing with her head over the fence placing herself as close to the weanling as possible. I make a quick phone call to straighten things out. Meanwhile, Berry has been trying to figure out how to comfort this distressed foal. As I hang up the phone and take another sip of coffee, I hear hoofbeats. I turn to see Berry softly and politely rounding up her alpha superior mares. As she rounds a reluctant mare she reaches out and gently touches her on the wither, ears politely pricked, but with urgency in her motions. She carefully herds the 5 of them close to the foal, then takes her vigil, head over the fence toward the weanling. My heart melts as I realize she went for help when she alone could not ease the little filly's distress.


Berry's unique and flashy coloring are not the only reason she is a standout mare. She has incredible structure, a kind and willing disposition, and is the granddaughter of two of the breed's most influential sires. 


Berry's sire MAGNUM MAJIK, a champion in Arabian Hunter Pleasure, is a son of US, Canadian, & Argentine National Champion MAGNUM PSYCHE (US Reserve National Champion Padrons Psyche x A Fancy Miracle by renowned Spanish import *Sasaki). Magnum Majik is out of BALLAD OF MAJIK (US Reserve National Champion Country English Pleasure and Regional Halter Champion Ballad V x Catalina Princess by Sahara Prince {The Real McCoy}).  


Berry's dam EV ANNIE OAKLEY (Desperado V x Bey Sharina by Bey Shah+), is a Region 6 Breeder's Sweepstakes Halter Champion and dam of National Champions. Her sire DESPERADO V was a legend in the Arabian world. Tall, dark and handsome, he consistently sired National Champions in both Halter and Performance. Annie's dam BEY SHARINA (Reserve National Champion Bey Shah+ x Harina by remowned broodmare sire *Barich De Washoe) was absolutely beautiful and was such a treasure as a broodmare, being bred to such greats as Desperado V, Ivanhoe Tsultan, *Furno Khamal, GS Khochise+++//, Starof Fame V+/, and Desert Heat VF+/. Annie's maternal brother Bey Tshah Majik was a Scottsdale Top Ten Halter Champion and sire of National Champions.


Berry has an exceptionally sweet and gentle disposition. When started under saddle, it was as though she had done it before - accepting a rider so naturally. 

Berry Majik

Sire: Magnum Majik (Magnum Psyche x Ballad of Majik by Ballad V)

Dam: EV Annie Oakley (Desperado V x Bey Sharina by Bey Shah+)

2007 Bay Arabian Mare

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