Arabians and Half Arabians For Sale/Lease

Majik Treasure



2018 Black Arabian Mare

Makeba x Black Majik Lace

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 9.53.42 PM.png
Majik Jewel



2015 Black Mare

MR Legacys Jeuel x Majik on Broadway

Majik Marcqessa


2013 Bay Mare

Marc of Majik x Precoshahs Majik

Majik Sasparilla



2017 Dunskin Half Arabian Mare

Ghost Ryder Majik x EV Annie Oakley

Majik Enchantress



2013 Bay Mare

Bey Tshah Majik x GC Forever Blest

Berry Majik


2007 Bay Roan Mare

Magnum Majik x EV Annie Oakley

Majik on Broadway


2000 Black Mare

Off Broadway x SBA Lafona

For Sale / Lease

Premium sale horses and mares available for breeding lease.

Let your dreams become a reality, let the 'Majik' of our horses inspire you. Take the time to find your new friend and partner… for the show ring or for life! If you still don’t find YOUR horse among them try leasing one of our lovely broodmares and ... make your own 'Majik.' Click HERE to learn more about Majik Arabians' mare lease program.


Our horses are all handled daily with kind, natural horsemanship methods and receive the best of care. They do not have vices or issues, and have age-appropriate training to ensure each of them every success in their future. With rare exception all our horses are pictured in pasture condition. Most of the time, the only prep work done prior to photos being taken is basic grooming and sometimes baby oil around the eyes and muzzle. Our horses have natural beauty that we do not want to inhibit with excessive clipping or 'makeup.'

Sale horses are offered in the following price categories, noted on each horse's description below by the number of asterisks:

* = up to $5,500

** = $5,500 - $10,000

*** = $10,500 - $25,000

**** = more than $25,000