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Majik Arabians
Who we are and what we do......
Majik Arabians
Majik Arabians is a family-owned horse ranch located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of southwestern Montana. Our horses are raised on lush mountain meadows & drink from clear, sparkling streams. Foals romp in pristine mountain air, developing strong lungs, hard bone, and joyful attitudes. From these beginnings come horses that go the extra distance and excel in whatever you choose to do… be it a show horse, endurance, or your best friend.
Telesha and Precoshahs Majik
Our goals as a breeder:

Majik Arabians specializes in show quality horses with the disposition to live in your tent. A typical Majik Arabian is bred for:

  • size (15-16 hands) & substance (to be pleasing for people of all sizes)
  • quality conformation (winning at many disciplines and levels of competition)
  • disposition (they enjoy people)
  • tractability (for ease of training)

Our foals are special in that they not only have the qualities listed above but each one is imprinted at birth and raised with kind but solid training methods making them a joy to handle, whether on the ground or in the saddle. We are here to support you with decisions ranging from the best genetic cross for breeding your new Majik Arabian to finding a reputable trainer in your area. We strive not to just sell you a horse but to make your experience a joyful success.
Telesha and Bey Shah+
The horses:

Our program was developed from the excelling champions of the times, concentrating on those excellent individuals who were not just winners but those who consistently passed on their qualities to the next generations. Our fields have been graced with sons and daughters of Internationally famous horses. 

Our most recent stallion bloodlines are Majik of Marwan by *Marwan Al Shaqab who is setting the standard for the world wide industry today. Marc of Majik is making his mark, being by the *Marwan Al Shaqab son, QR Marc who sold for a recent record setting price to Belgium, leaving very few get in the States. 

There have been sons and daughters of the Internationally famous *Ali Jamaal or his Champion siring son *Soho Carol; and ‘The Kingmaker’, Bay El Bey++, sire of some of the most influential lines in history including: Bey Shah+ who swept the show ring and the world with his incredible charisma and ability to consistently sire equally breathtaking mares and stallions influencing breeding worldwide; Huckleberry Bey++ and Desperado V – sires of the Varian dynasty and numerous National Winners in Halter & Performance; National Res Champion Halter Stallion, Star of Fame V+/, also versatile winner in English & Western, sire of several of our broodmares and our talented Majik Jedi who is a traveling Parelli Star. Then came multi-International Champion Magnum Psyche who also turned the world upside down with his own brand of beauty, charisma and the ability to pass it on to continuous champion sons and daughters including *Fausto, Unanimous Brazilian National Champion Colt, to whom we have discounted breedings available.

Ivanhoe Tsultan, an exotic stallion of which likes we will never see again and the responsibility of passing his unique genes on through his son, Bey Tshah Majik when coupled with the the Bey Shah+ and Spanish *Barich De Washoe lines has created a unique and consistent sire of dramatic qualities; each year the list goes on… the best of the best, seeking not to find just the latest fad but the lasting, consistent, treasured bloodlines. Those that will be the Gems of Montana.

Telesha and Bey Tshah Majik
“We believe that the Halter Champion should also be one of the best Performance Champions. With the Lord’s helping hand, we are creating Arabians that excel at both. After all, what is good conformation and being a horse all about? Add the beauty and there you find it… the ultimate horse, the ‘Majik’ Arabian.”

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